Near Miss: The Attempted Assassination of JFK

History is made up of near misses and what-ifs. This is the true story of one of those times.

It is November 1960, John Kennedy has just been elected as the youngest and first Roman Catholic President of the United States. He is scheduled take the oath of office January 20, 1961. A man from Belmont, New Hampshire is determined Kennedy will not live to be sworn in as president. That man is Richard Paul Pavlick and he is stalking the president-elect waiting for his chance. His car is loaded with dynamite and his mind is filled with hate.

The Belmont postmaster Thomas Murphy, Jr. reports Pavlick's strange postcards and letters to the Secret Service. How did they catch Pavlick in time to save Kennedy? How close did Pavlick actually come to killing the president-elect? Closer than ever acknowledged before.
This is the true story of the deadly assassination attempt and what the impact might have been had it been successful. Find out who Richard Pavlick really was and what his motivation was. Discover the truth behind the Secret Service's efforts to apprehend the assassin.

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Steve B. Davis, author